The Thompson Sisters

The Thompson Sisters Novels

Rachel's Peril

The continuing story of the Thompson Sisters. When Andrea Thompson returns to the United States, she uncovers secrets which endanger the lives of all of the Thompson Sisters.

The Thompson Sisters

The six daughters of Richard and Adelina Thompson - their lives and loves. These are three standalone novels and a novella about the Thompson Sisters, including the bestselling Just Remember to Breathe.

Rachel's Peril

The continued story of the Thompson Sisters. As Andrea Thompson returns to the United States, she uncovers secrets about her family which put all of the sisters in peril

America's Future

When the local economy is thrown into a tailspin by a plant shutdown, Ken Murphy is thrown out of work, with no way to pay for medical care for his son.

About Charles

Charles Sheehan-Miles has been a soldier, computer programmer, short-order cook and non-profit executive, and is the author of more than a dozen fiction and non-fiction books

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Fall is here

My favorite time of year, and usually my most productive for writing!


At the Queen City Author event

Just arrived to set up and there is a gun show at the hotel. I’m loading up the cart with boxes and a guy in camo walks by and says,...


Girl of Vengeance Arrives in Paperback

So these came in


Queen City Author Event

So tomorrow is the Queen City Author Event! Andrea and I will be there with all of our titles so we can meet and greet people and sign books and...


Nicely Phrased Book Blog Review of Girl of Vengeance

This is a quick thank you to the Nicely Phrased Book Blog for your review of Girl of Vengeance! A couple of highlights: Superb, thrilling, chilling, spellbinding, amazing, talented, outstanding,...


Chapter 2, Part 1. My Fault (Matt)

Chapter 2, part 1 of my untitled short term project. This is rough draft. I don’t know where it’s going, but I thought I would share. Needless to say, this...


Indecently Normal (Zoe)

Part 2 of a new, short project. Or maybe long. I don’t know. Here’s part one. Nicole’s dad grew up in Boston, but ended up living and working in Western...


Miss Annoying (Zoe)

New project. Short one I think.  The brakes on Nicole’s patrol car squeal as she brings it to a stop in front of the unmarked building.  It’s an old three-story...


Girl of Vengeance Release Day!

It’s here! The final book in the Thompson Sisters saga released on September 15, 2014. A little more than a week ago, Andrea Thompson returned to the United States, unknowingly...


So there was this movie…

Here’s what happened. In 2007 I published a book titled Republic.  And then, in early 2008, I started working on drafts for its sequel, titled Insurgent. I put out some podcast,...


Republic on sale

This is just a heads up that for the next several days, Republic (my second novel) will be on sale for only 99 cents. New cover and I’ve made some...

Jesus Freaks

Book Review: Jesus Freaks by Andrea Randall

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a book review on my blog, but this one I thought was important to get out there. Here’s why. For most of...