Girl of Vengeance: Chapter 1.1

This is an unedited preview of Chapter 1, part 1 of Girl of Vengeance.  It contains spoilers.  Girl of Vengeance releases September 15, 2014. Pre-order links: Amazon Kobo iBooks Google Dylan. May 4.   Dylan Paris still felt a little woozy, a sharp pain stabbing his forehead as he walked between two Royal Marines. They wore sharp uniforms—form fitting […]


Girl of Vengeance Preview: Prologue

  Following is an unedited preview of the prologue of Girl of Vengeance, on sale September 15, 2014. This has spoilers. You’ve been warned. Prologue In the silence of the room, the knock on the door startled Carrie and Sarah. Carrie jerked in her seat and looked up, just as a youngish looking doctor with slightly too long […]

Corazones rotos y tazas de café

CAPÍTULO UNO Corazones rotos y tazas de café (Alex) Amazon | Google Play | Casa del Libro | Kobobooks | iBooks | Smashwords Desde el momento en que puse en marcha el coche de mamá, con la taza de café todavía en el techo, sabía que iba a ser un día duro. La taza, que fue […]



Republic: Chapter One

Chapter One May 24 Kenny Murphy, Jr. waved goodbye and turned to go into the school building. The faint lines at the corners of Ken Murphy’s eyes crinkled just a little as he watched the little blonde boy walk away. He’d changed so much that Martha wouldn’t have recognized him if she’d still been alive. […]

Republic: Prologue

As I prepare to begin work on Fractured: Book 3 of America’s Future, the entire series is getting a facelift. New covers and typos in earlier editions corrected. I’ll also be adding a number of samples of both books over the next few weeks so you guys can get a chance to know what this […]



Girl of Vengeance – The conclusion of the saga of the Thompson Sisters

El camino al infierno esta empedrado de buenas intenciones Andrea sat up, studying him. Then she said, “Don’t do us any favors.” “I truly wish I hadn’t hurt you so terribly badly.” “El camino al infierno esta empedrado de buenas intenciones,” Andrea muttered. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Available for Pre-Order […]

Throwback Thursday: Prayer at Rumayla Chapter One

Purchase links: Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Google Play | Kobo | Smashwords | Chapters | Thalia The explosion to our front throws me against the back of the hatch, pain shooting up my side. I gasp, dropping the belt of three-inch long bullets to the floor of the turret. They land with a loud […]



Das konnte sie echt gut (Crank)

Hier ein weiterer Vorgeschmack auf Ein Song für Julia Erscheinungstermin: 31. August 2014 Amazon | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords ***** Am Montag war es bei der Arbeit echt schrecklich. Zunächst einmal bin ich Koch in dem Schnellrestaurant und kein verdammter Kellner. Aber zwei Kellnerinnen fehlten und wir hatten noch einen Koch, […]

Ein Song für Julia – Vorstadtprinzessin

Kapitel 1 Vorstadtprinzessin (Crank) 26. Oktober 2002 Vielleicht liegt es an mir. Aber ich hätte nicht erwartet, dass ein Mädchen, das sich in der Mitte der größten Antikriegsdemonstration seit dem Vietnamkrieg befand, so einen herrlich auffälligen Hintern haben würde. Aber nein… da war sie, ihr Mund bewegte sich und ich verstand kein Wort. Um ehrlich […]



Rise Up

RELEASE DATE: JULY 14TH, 2014 RELEASE DATE: JULY 21ST, 2014 We all know how fragile life is, especially when faced with a life threatening illness. Stephenie Thomas is a 37 year old mother of 3 boys, wife, friend, reader, and a HUGE indie blogger and lover! Stephenie has done so much for the indie author/reading […]

Nocturnos [Versión Kindle] Gratis Hasta el 11 de julio 4

Savannah Marshall es una talentosa flautista, hija de aristócratas de la música, que se inscribe en el elitista Conservatorio de Música de Nueva Inglaterra. Es brillante, ecléctica y apasionada, vive la música, pero no está segura de qué hacer con su futuro. Gregory Fitzgerald es uno de los violonchelistas más reconocidos de su generación. Es miembro […]



Special promotion! A Song for Julia – free 2

So, as the first step in my special March 2014 promotion, A Song for Julia will be free (well, most, actually) on all platforms until the end of March! So, if you haven’t picked it up, now’s the time!  All the download links are located here.